Insurance and Annuities

Life insurance or annuities can be an important part of your overall financial plan.  In my opinion insurance should be used to cover financial losses due to death or disability.  For people with estate tax issues it helps tremendously there too.  Insurance is an oversold product and gets very complicated quickly.  Why is it oversold?  Because there are big commissions in it for the insurance agent.

Insurance is risk transfer.  The insured is transferring risk of an unforeseen event  (premature death) from themselves to an insurance company.  The more risk you transfer, the more expensive the product is.  Also, the more complicated an insurance or annuity product is, the more expensive it is.  I have yet to find a reason to use insurance, or annuities, as an accumulation vehicle.  Therefore, I do not sell variable or index annuities or variable life insurance.   I offer term life insurance, cash value life insurance, and fixed annuities when appropriate.   I shop many different carriers and providers to give you options.